5-pack beef skin chewing sticks wrapped with chicken breast fillet

Item num.: xF01G/7

5,00 € *
Content: 5 piece

Base Price: 1,00 € / piece
Delivery time: up to 2 weeks

    Item Description:


    The beef chew is wrapped in chicken breast.

    Low in fat (3.7% fat), approx. 12 cm long,

    gently hot air dried.

    Chewing pleasure for all races.

    Package contains 5 chewing sticks.

    Attention - chewing sticks can vary in shape, color and amount of wrapping.



    Chicken fillet 54%,

    Raw hide 43%


    analytical values:

    Protein 58.7%,

    Fat 3.7%,

    Ash 4.5%,

    Fiber 0.05%,

    Humidity 18%


    -complementary feed for dogs-

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