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deer meat

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Content: 400 g

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    Finely wolfed deer/deer meat in your own brew.

    Without any additives, only preserved by heat.

    Ideal as a high-quality meat diet, for allergy sufferers or in

    combination with an exclusion diet.

    It can hardly be more regional:

    Meat comes from forests in Baden-Württemberg,

    no gate deer. The meat is used for us in a

    certified cutting operation and canned filled.

    In addition, the sheet metal packaging is covered by the Dual System

    almost 100% recyclable.


    100% deer/deer meat

    Analytical values:

    Protein 17.2%

    Fat 8%

    Humidity 70%

    Ash 3.1%

    Fiber 1.1%


    - Supplementary feed for dogs -

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