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sheep fat 500ml

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    Net content quantity: 500ml

    The sheep fat is produced on the basis of vegetable oils.

    They contain essential fatty acids and vitamins E and F.

    Through gentle production and without heating, the grease

    for shiny and soft fur, activates the intestinal flora and strengthens

    immune system.

    Also excellent for dogs with increased energy requirements

    such as nursing, working and sports dogs.


    The recommended dosage per day:

    Small dogs/cats - 1 pump

    Medium Dogs - 2 Pump Bumps

    Big Dogs - 3 Pump bumps



    Sunflower oil 75%

    Sheep fat 25%

    Linoleic acid in above-e.g. substances

    at least 40%

    Analytical values:

    Nutritional value 8400 Kcal/kg

    Fats & Crude Oils 96.0%

    Protein 2.0%

    Fiber 0.5%

    Ash 0.9%

    Humidity 0.6%


    -supplementary feed for dogs and cats-


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