Item num.: 30007-200/7

7,00 € *
Content: 200 g

Base Price: 35,00 € / Kg
Delivery time: up to 1 week


     The smallest and softest treats from our range.

    Excellent for rewarding during training, in between,

    or for the placement of our sniffing rugs or dog toys

    of any kind. In addition, these minis are grain- and gluten-free and vegetarian.


    Composition :

    Potato, cheese, fats, minerals

    Analytical Values:

    Protein: 2.8%

    Fat: 5.5%

    Fiber: 1.2%

    Ash: 3.5%

    Humidity: 26.5%


    Also in the varieties potato/goose, potato/horse,

    Potato/cheese, salmon, ostrich and rabbit

    available from Mr.Wilson's Dog Bakery.


    -Supplementary feed for dog-


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