Welcome !

We are very happy to have you with us in our

Mr. Wilson's dog bakery.


It doesn't always have to be wheat flour - does it?

We have been baking our dog biscuits with

wholemeal spelled flour for many years.

Of course, this flour is fit for human consumption and

we are now offering this for sale.

Make yourself a bit independent, buy flour

that are cultivated, grown, harvested and only a few in Germany

kilometers from the field was also ground and packed.

Not only easy on the wallet, but also supports regional,

farms and mills.

Available in 1kg or 5kg containers for shipping/collection

and 25kg ONLY for collection.

Wholemeal spelled flour


*** Attention new promotion ***



cheesalitos - Mr. Wilson's Cheese Minis !

cheesalitos käse minis


Many of our customer dogs love these cheese snacks... and that's why they are

Mr. Wilson's cheesalitos are on sale starting today as a spring season cookie.

- 10% on all package sizes is an offer, isn't it?

Your dog doesn't like cheese or has an intolerable reaction to cheese?

No problem, just browse the shop or send us an inquiry,

together we will certainly find the right treat for your four-legged friend: