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About Us

We take pride in presenting to you a world of delicious treats for your furry friends.

At "Mr. Wilson's Dog Bakery," it's all about love, care, and quality.

🍪 Our Treats

Our handmade dog biscuits are crafted with the finest natural ingredients and time-tested recipes.

Each biscuit is lovingly and carefully baked in our own bakery.

By the way, we've been using whole grain spelt flour from the Swabian Alps for over 10 years.

We place great emphasis on local ingredients and suppliers but deliberately avoid the organic label

because we trust our long-standing partners and their quality.

🌟 Why "Mr. Wilson's"?

Our dog bakery is named after Mr. Wilson, our very own four-legged friend and loyal companion.

His smile and wagging tail are our daily inspiration, and we want your dog to be just as happy.

🌐 Our Mission

Our mission is to pamper dogs and their owners with high-quality treats.

We know that your furry family members deserve only the best.

🛒 Online Shop

Browse our online shop and discover a variety of flavors, sizes, with or without meat,

with or without grains - everything to delight your dog's palate.


Enjoy exploring, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions -

our contact form is available to you at any time.

Please notice : we ship to all adresses or dhl boxes at the economy.

Shipping on base location is not allowed to us,

but we can arrange meetings at the gates,

or pick-up at our home adress.

Thank you.