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We are very happy to have you with us in our

Mr. Wilson's dog bakery.




Mr. Wilson's dog bakery is crawling into the future -

be there when we dare to look ahead:


Our Mr. Wilson's Insect Bizzies.

Snacks based on insects and mealworms, complemented by delicious vegetables.

Probably the future of our diet and that of our dogs too.

So let's start with it.

Just try the meatless protein source,

because with us grain-free, with delicious vegetables and without preservatives.


insect bizzies




*** Attention NEW winter season promotion ***



beefis - 100% beef meat

( grain free ! )


beefis - 100% beef meat

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, something hearty is good for the body!

Our gently cold-pressed beefis made from 100% beef are just the thing.

By the way, about 4kg of pure beef are needed to make 1kg of beefis.



Your dog does not like beef or does not react well to beef?

No problem, just keep browsing the shop or send us an inquiry,

together we will surely find the right snack for your four-legged friend: