Mr. Wilson's dog treats - how to store them safe a


 Proper Storage of

Mr. Wilson's Dog Biscuits and Treats


Actually, everything is very simple - as always, when you know it ;-)

First of all, we just want to mention that all our dog biscuits, dog treats,

Meat and chews, baked by us, without further addition of preservatives

and are handmade. They are gently dried after baking and the 

shelf life: At least 12 months from the production date.

Exceptions: Custom orders and liverwurst popcorn.

You can always tell this by the printed best before date - e.g. 11.12.2023.

Now that you have hopefully bought a lot of dog snacks from us in the Mr. Wilsons dog biscuits online shop

should be kept in a dry place with an average temperature.

Moisture, direct sunlight and strong temperature fluctuations should also be avoided,

such as odor-intensive places or in the immediate vicinity of cleaning agents or e.g. perfumes.

It is best to pack our dog biscuits in packaging

in which the biscuits can "breathe",such as. linen bags, tin cans, etc.

Our brown packaging bags are also good if you just leave them open.

Please avoid closed containers such as plastic bowls or plastic cans or airtight ZIP bags.

In this packaging, the residual moisture cannot escape and the biscuits

begin to mold and spoil.


If you have further questions on the exciting topic "how long do your dog biscuits keep?" have,

just write to us - we look forward to your questions.