Mr. Wilson's Dog Bakery bakes homemade dog biscuit

Our Story.

Every tale begins with the words "once upon a time..."

Our story also begins with a dog.

It was a Great Dane named Wilson.

But we all called him MISTER Wilson, or simply Willi,

even before Mr. Wilson's Dog Bakery existed.

This dog had his share of issues with the main food and treat options available at that time.

He had sensitivities to preservatives, additives, and wheat.

In short, we decided to completely change his diet.

The main food was switched to BARF (raw meat) - and this was over 10 years ago,

when the variety of raw meat options was not as extensive as it is today.

We then developed our own recipes and compositions, baked them, and tested them on our dog.

And behold, our dog's health improved dramatically!

Naturally, the dog-loving people in our vicinity noticed this positive change,

and that's when the production and marketing of the highly popular snacks took off -

Mr. Wilson's Dog Bakery was born.

Many loyal customers, friends, and resellers have accompanied us over the years,

and some of them have become dear friends.


We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for that - without you, we wouldn't be what we are today.

Yours sincerely, Beate