Mr. Wilson's Dog Bakery bakes homemade dog biscuit

Our history.


Every fairy tale begins with "Once upon a time..."


We also had a dog once.

A Great Dane named Wilson.

But we all called him MISTER Wilson, or just Willi,

even before Mr. Wilson's Dog Bakery actually existed.

This male had his problems with the staple food of the time

and treats that could be bought at the market -

he reacted to preservatives, additives or wheat on the

different ways and effects.

In short, our boss and inventor decided

Mr. Wilson's dog bakery Beate Schlotterbeck

change your diet completely.

The main food has been changed to BARF / raw meat

- more than 10 years ago, by the way

the raw meat offer was not yet in today's selection on the market -

and simply make your own dog biscuits and treats in your own kitchen

Recipes and experiments homemade.


Lo and behold: the dog suddenly felt better!

Of course, the dog-loving fellow human beings in the area also recognized this

by Beate Schlotterbeck and so took over the production and marketing of the very popular

Snacks got off to a flying start - Mr. Wilson's dog bakery was born.

Many loyal customers, friends and resellers have the bakery

for dog biscuits over the years and supports them.

Thank you very much for that - without you we were and are not what we are today.


Your Beate