Mr. Wilson's horse ribs chews / (weight) 200g

Item num.: 30406-200/19 CH&MHD:231124

by Vertrieb Happ GbR. Bürstadt

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Content: 200 g

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    Mr. Wilson's Horse Ribs Chews:

    Nice chewing snack, also suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

    Externally with some flesh attachment, thin bone and

    much bone marrow inside. Not too long and not too thick.

    The bones are not cooked, but gently

    air dried and can be kept for up to 1 year.

    This snack is a natural product and can vary in size,

    Thickness and length can be different.

    Warning - please leave your dog with the chews

    not unattended. Depending on the bite force, it may be possible

    that the bones splinter.


    - Supplementary feed for dogs -

    Our natural reward.


    Horse ribs

    analytical values:

    protein 16.2%

    fat 2.6%

    ash 5.8%

    fiber <0.5%

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