Bild 1 von coconut deko shells handmade

coconut deko shells handmade

Item num.: 2024KS001

by OlM,Spain

12,00 € *

    Mr. Wilson's coconut decorative bowls

    These beautiful bowls are real coconut shells.


    The coconut shells, which were carefully handcrafted,

    are polished on the outside and in wonderfully bright colors on the inside

    painted that the choice is difficult.


    They are food safe and come in different colors

    Green, gold, copper, blue, pink, red, petrol and orange can be ordered.


    The diameter of the decorative coconut is approximately 13 centimeters.


    Each decorative coconut bowl is unique and is therefore truly unique.


    Please note that this decorative coconut bowl is a natural product.


    Each coconut shell is different in terms of shape, color, pattern and size.