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Mr. Wilsons's Insect bizzies dog treats

Item num.: 10600-250/7 CH&MHD: 231124

by Vertrieb Happ GbR, Bürstadt

7,00 € *
Content: 250 g

Base Price: 28,00 € / Kg
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    Mr. Wilson's Insect Bizzies Dog Treats


    High-protein, meat-free snacks - completely without meat!

    Enriched with delicious vegetables, this new snack is a great alternative

    for those with grain and/or meat allergies or intolerances.

    As always with us: no preservatives!


    Supplementary food for dogs -

    Our natural reward.



    Mealworms (25%),

    Hermetia larvae (5%),

    Potato, Sweet Potato,



    Celery root,


    analytical values:

    Protein: 22.9%,

    Fat: 6.8%,

    Fiber: 4.2%,

    Ash: 4.5%

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