Mr. Wilson's liver pate heart ( big or small ) dog treats

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by Mr. Wilson's Hundebäckerei

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    Liverwurst heart for dogs

    Spoil your four-legged friend with a special treat that will make his heart beat faster!

    Our handmade liverwurst heart for dogs makes a unique and delicious gift

    from our own bakery.

    Made from high-quality ingredients such as wholemeal spelled flour,

    oat flakes and the finest veal liver sausage,

    this treat is not only a treat for the palate, but also a sweet accessory.


    Product features:

    - Natural ingredients: Our liver sausage hearts are made with care and love.

    We only use high-quality ingredients such as wholemeal spelled flour and oatmeal,

    which provide a good basis for your pet.

    - Finest Veal Liver Sausage: Each heart is made with a generous portion of the finest veal liver sausage.
    Handmade according to a proven recipe.

    Our bakery follows a proven recipe that has been perfected over the years.

    We guarantee consistent quality and a taste dogs will love.

    - Wearable Treat: The liver sausage heart is not only meant to be eaten,

    but can also be worn around your dog's neck as a cute accessory.

    A real eye-catcher on walks or on special occasions!
    Ideal as a gift: Perfect as a souvenir from the Cannstatter Wasen

    or as a special reward for your furry companion.

    It doesn't matter whether you're at the Oktoberfest or browsing our online shop,

    this treat is a wonderful surprise for every dog ​​lover.

    Treat your dog to a unique treat that is quality,

    taste and love combined.

    Our liver sausage heart is more than just a snack -

    it's a heartfelt gesture to show your furry friend how special he is.

    Order today and give your dog a treat he will never forget!


    -supplementary feed for dogs-

    for a natural reward.



    wholemeal spelled flour,


    liver pate

    analytical values:





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