Mr. Wilson's Lou's Buttons liver pate dog treats

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by Mr. Wilson's Hundebäckerei - Hundekekse selbstgemacht

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    Mr. Wilson's Lou's Buttons Liver Sausage Balls


    Our homemade Lou's buttons are small, solid ones mini-sized balls.

    We do not use baking mats or baking mats for this

    Baking/cooking machines, but professional bakery equipment.

    The basic recipe made from wholemeal spelled flour and liver sausage

    We do not add any additives or attractants.

    If stored correctly, our liver sausage minis last for 12 months

    Durable from date of production.

    The liver sausage balls have a diameter of approx. 12-14mm.

    The dog biscuits are used as a training goodie,

    Treats in between or reward snacks used.

    Their size and nature make them ideal for use

    Suitable for equipping dog toys, sniffing mats or sniffing balls.


    Rolling the balls is also possible.

    They are not suitable for use in dog licking mats.


    -Supplementary food for dogs-

    Our natural reward.



    wholemeal spelled flour,


    liver sausage (11.76%)

    analytical components:





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