Mr. Wilson's BIG tripe chrunchers dog treats

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by Mr.Wilson's Hundebäckerei Hundekekse

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    Mr. Wilson's BIG Tripe chrunchers dog treats:

    Admittedly - a fresh beef tripe is not for everyone.

    Both the appearance and the smell are too individual.

    However, the positive properties of this innard are undisputed.

    We managed to bake beef tripe in a dog biscuit.

    Together with our wholemeal spelled flour from the Swabian Alb

    we have baked a biscuit for your sweet tooth, which is very hard,

    but at the same time the smell is 'tolerable' for our noses.

    You can put this biscuit in any storage container without hesitation

    and without having to leave your home -

    and the four-legged friend still tastes extremely delicious.

    If we are to believe our sales numbers, that is

    Mr. Wilson's BIG TRIBE chrunchers dog treats has now become almost as popular as

    our liver pate tretas. As always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.


    -supplementary feed for dogs-


    wholemeal spelled flour,

    beef tripe

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