Mr. Wilson's cattle lung cubes

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by Vertrieb Happ GbR,Bürstadt

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    Mr. Wilson's Cattle Lung Cubes


    small (approx. 3cm) and relatively soft cubes cut from the beef lung.

    Low in fat and ideal for older dogs - when they can no longer bite as hard,

    or even for young dogs who can't or shouldn't bite that hard yet.

    Also good for hiding in food dummies or sniffing mats.

    As always with us: no added preservatives or attractants of any kind.


    - Supplementary food for dogs -

    Our natural reward.



    100% beef

    analytical values:

    Protein: 54.0%,

    Fat: 2.5%,

    Ash: 1.8%,

    Fiber: 0.5%

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