navalis orthosal dog ZINC powder 1000g

Item num.: 202304004/1000-7 CH: OD131-038 MHD: 10/24

by Navalis nutraceuticals GmbH

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Content: 1 Kg

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    -supplementary feed for dogs and cats-

    Our natural support.


    Zinc for skin, immune system and senses.

    Organic micronutrient product to compensate for zinc deficiency. Exclusively specific organic zinc complexes for the best possible availability in the organism.

    Zinc is required as a cofactor in numerous enzyme systems and is contained in well over 200 proteins as an integral component. Approximately 50-60% of the body's zinc deposits are stored in muscle tissue. The metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, the synthesis of hormones (insulin, growth and sex hormones), cell regeneration, the epidermal skin barrier and wound healing, but also vision and a healthy immune system depend on an adequate supply of zinc.

    Composition: carrots, flaxseed, spinach, turmeric, vegetable oil (flaxseed, cold-pressed)Analytical components:

    protein 21.90%
    fat 9.40%
    fiber 7.50%
    ash 6.30%
    Nutritional additives per kg:

    Glycine Zinc Chelate Hydrate (3b607)* 8,000 mg
    Feeding recommendation: Daily 1 measuring spoon (corresponds to 1.5 g) per 10 kg body weight of the dog.

    Experience has shown that feeding should take place over a period of at least 3-6 months. There are interactions between trace elements and minerals. In this way, a lack of other elements can be induced. When feeding other high-dose elements at the same time, feeding should be spread out over the day (e.g. orthosal zinc in the morning, orthosal selenium in the evening).

    Feeding information: Due to the increased content of trace elements compared to complete feed, this supplementary feed may only be fed to dogs up to 2.5% of the total daily ration.

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