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veggie hearts

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Content: 200 g

Base Price: 3,50 € / 100 g
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    The new Veggie hearts are of course great for

    allergic and intolerance customers

    suitable among dogs - grain-free AND

    the taste remains vegetarian thanks to high-quality

    ingredients definitely not on the track !

    Trying is the motto here.



    buckwheat flour,

    buckwheat grains,

    dried carrots,

    Potato flakes,

    Pumpkin seed flour,

    Potato flour,

    fresh Zuccini,

    fresh spinach,

    Hard cheese,

    Vegetable broth,


    Analytical values:

    Protein 11%

    Fat 4%

    Ash 4%

    Fiber 6%



    - Supplementary feed for dogs -

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