Mr. Wilson's dog bakery lamb headskin

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by Vertrieb Happ GbR,Bürstadt

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    Mr. Wilson's Lamb headskin

    -Supplementary Dog Food-

    Our natural delight.


    Product Description:

    Discover our irresistible lamb scalp snacks, the perfect reward for your dog.                                                Made from high-quality lamb scalp, gently air-dried, these snacks offer an unparalleled chewing experience,   even for our allergic friends.

    Features and Benefits:

    Natural Delight: Our lamb scalp snacks are made from 100% natural lamb scalp,                                       without artificial additives or preservatives.

    Crispy Texture: Dogs love the crispy bite of these not too large scalp pieces,                                           providing an entertaining chewing experience.

    Long-lasting Joy: These snacks are ideal for keeping dogs busy and entertained,                                     especially during boredom or as a reward during training.

    For All Breeds and Sizes: Our lamb scalp snack is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

    Suitable for:

    Our lamb scalp snacks are the perfect choice for all dog owners looking for a simple and delicious reward        that will delight their furry friend. Since only lamb scalp pieces are processed, this chewing treat                         is also suitable for four-legged friends with food intolerances or allergies, but lamb can be fed.


    100% Lamb

    analytical values:

    protein: 66.4%,

    fat: 19.5%,

    ash: 4.5%,

    moisture: 3.6%



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