Mr. Wilson's camel headskin jerky

Item num.: xF01E/7

by Vertrieb Happ GbR, Bürstadt

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    Mr. Wilson's camel headskin jerkies

    We don't always have THAT either:

    from camel, gently air-dried,

    nice and hard for long chewing fun.

    The scalp is in approx. 12cm long sticks

    pre-cut and put in by us

    Delivered in 200g, 400g or 1kg packages.

    Allergy sufferers beware:

    single protein almost 90%,

    hardly any fat!!!

    Connoisseurs know what we write!



    -Supplementary food for dogs-

    Our natural reward.



    100% camel

    analytical values:

    protein: 87.9%

    fat: 3.0%

    ash: 1.7%

    fiber: 1.2%

    humidity: 6.0%

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