Mr. Wilson's liver pate man dog treats

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by Mr. Wilson's Hundebäckerei - selbstgemachte Hundekekse

5,00 € *
Content: 1 piece

Base Price: 5,00 € / piece
Delivery time: up to 1 week

    - Supplementary feed for dogs -

    our natural reward.

    Mr. Wilson's Liverwurst Man Dog treat.

    Our homemade liverwurst men are made by hand

    cut out, baked in the oven and gently dried.

    We do not use baking mats or

    baking/cooking machines, but professional bakery equipment.

    The basic recipe made from wholemeal spelled flour and liver sausage

    we do not add any additives or attractants.

    When stored properly, our liverwurst men are up to

    Shelf life 6 months from production date.

    The dog biscuit men are liked by our customers

    bought for Christmas or as a very special gift.

    The biscuit can be easily portioned for small or smaller dogs

    and fed in smaller amounts.



    wholemeal spelled flour,



    analytical values:






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