Mr. Wilson*s beef sticks dog treats

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by Mr. Wilson's Hundebäckerei Beate Schlotterbeck

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    Mr. Wilson's beef ribs dog treats


    Made according to a proven recipe, crafted by hand.

    Fresh beef mince without additives and a touch of parsley -

    that's all it takes, along with our wholemeal spelt flour from the

    Swabian Alb, to create a delicious dog biscuit.

    The dough is hand-cut into small pieces and made with

    professional baking equipment.

    We do not use baking or multifunctional cooking machines.

    The treats can then be used for in-between snacks or as a special

    reward. Suitable for smaller and medium-sized breeds.

    Due to their texture, Mr. Wilson's reef rib biscuits are not suitable

    for use in licking mats.


    Supplementary food for dogs -

    Our natural reward.



    wholemeal spelt flour,

    beef (12.66%),


    rapeseed oil

    analytical values:





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