navalis coronal dog powder 120 g

Item num.: 202304001/120-7 CH: CD154-005 MHD: 05/24

by Navalis nutraceuticals GmbH

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Content: 120 g

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    -supplementary feed for dogs and cats-

    Our natural support.


    New resilience with navalis coronal dog for a strong heart and a strong cardiovascular system.

    Balance nutrient imbalances in the heart metabolism in a targeted manner by providing your dog or cat with the micronutrients necessary for heart function and often lacking in a balanced combination and with the highest bioavailability.

    Nutritional medicine plays a key role in correcting nutrient imbalances for a healthy heart. For this reason, navalis coronal contains an extraordinary complex of active ingredients that compensates for nutrient imbalances in the heart metabolism and thus ideally supports the cardiovascular function.
    The complex of active ingredients in navalis coronal contains selected micronutrients in connection with secondary plant compounds for which there is evidence in the scientific literature. The metabolic function of the heart muscle cells is sustainably supported and thus the quality of life of the affected dogs and cats is improved - both in the case of older or pre-stressed animals and to provide support during periods of heat.

    120 g, powder


    Herbs (hawthorn flowers and leaves, mistletoe, motherwort, taiga root, ginseng root), flaxseed, vegetable oil (borage seed, cold-pressed), magnesium citrate, toasted soybeans

    Analytical components:

    Protein 17.0%
    Fat 8.0%
    Fiber 9.0%
    Ash 13.8%
    Nutritional additives per kg:

    3a 821 vitamin B1 200 mg
    3a 831 vitamin B6 200 mg
    3a835 Vitamin B12 3,500 µg
    3a312 Vitamin C 10,000 mg
    3a700 Vitamin E 8,000 IU
    3a841 Calcium D-Pantothenate 35 mg
    3a316 folic acid 15 mg
    3a314 Niacin 35 mg
    3a910 L-carnitine 75,000 mg
    3c440 L-Tryptophan 20,000 mg
    3a370 Taurine 10,000 mg
    3b505 Manganese (protein hydrolysates manganese chelate) 450 mg
    3b811 selenium (selenium yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R397, inactivated) 5 mg
    Sensory additives

    2b17003 L-arginine 10,000 mg

    Feeding recommendation:

    We recommend, before feeding or before extending the feeding time,

    seek advice from your veterinarian.

    For the dog: 1 level measuring spoon (1.2 g), max. 2 measuring spoons, per 10 kg body weight of the dog daily. We recommend a reduced feeding of 1/2 measuring spoon per 10 kg body weight of the dog for about 3-5 days at the beginning.

    For the cat: 1/2 scoop (0.6 g) daily, max. 1 scoop, per 4 kg body weight of the cat. We recommend a reduced feeding of 1/4 measuring spoon per 4 kg body weight of the dog for about 3-5 days at the beginning.

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