Mr. Wilson's banana hearts dog treats

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    Mr. Wilson's banana hearts dog biscuits without meat

    The crunchy and beautifully banana-colored biscuit for our health-conscious or allergy-plagued canine customers.

    This dog treat is completely free of animal by-products from start to finish and refrains from any addition of flavor

    enhancers and/or preservatives by us.

    Due to its shape and texture, this dog biscuit is also a suitable snack for larger breeds.

    Like all of our biscuits, it is handmade, gently baked, and air-dried.

    With selected ingredients, a meatless alternative for snacking and in-between moments is created.


    - Supplementary food for dogs -

    Our natural reward.



    corn, rapeseed oil, bananas (1.25%)

    analytical values:

    protein: 9.0%

    fat: 6.7%

    fiber: 2.30%

    ash: 1.60%

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