Mr. Wilson's Meat Toffis GOOSE 200g

Item num.: 30001-200/7 CH & MHD:231124

by Vertrieb Happ GbR, Bürstadt

7,00 € *
Content: 200 g

Base Price: 35,00 € / Kg
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    Mr. Wilson's Meat Toffi's Goose

    With the smallest and softest treats from our range.

    Excellent as a reward during training, in between,

    or for equipping sniffing games or dog toys.

    These dog treats are grain and gluten free, so they are

    interesting for allergy sufferers. The snack can be used for any breed

    However, it is not suitable for use in a licking mat

    suitable. The 200g pack contains about 200 goose



    Storage notice:

    The blister packaging is used to transport and ship the Toffis.

    Please remove the dog treats from the packaging and

    keep them in a suitable container.

    More information can be found on our notice page.


    -supplementary feed for dogs-

    Our natural reward


    poultry meal,

    goose meal (19.5%),

    sodium chloride

    analytical components:

    Protein: 47.0%






    Also in horse, cheese, ostrich, salmon and rabbit varieties

    available from us at Mr.Wilson's Dog Bakery.

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