Mr. Wilson's Toffis POTATO/CHEESE 200g

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by Vertrieb Happ GbR Bürstadt

7,00 € *
Content: 200 g

Base Price: 35,00 € / Kg
Delivery time: up to 1 week

    Mr. Wilson's Potato & Cheese toffis dog treats

    The smallest and softest treats from our range.

    Excellent as a reward during training, in between,

    or to equip our sniffing carpets or dog toys

    of any kind.

    In addition, due to their recipe, these minis are grain-free, gluten-free and vegetarian.


    Storage notice:

    The blister packaging is used to transport and ship the Toffis.

    Please remove the dog treats from the packaging and

    keep them in a suitable container.

    More information can be found on our notice page.


    -supplementary feed for dogs-

    Our natural reward


    potato flour (49.3%)

    glucose,sunflower oil,

    cheese powder (5%), sodium chloride

    analytical components:

    Protein: 6.4%

    Fat: 7.0%





    Also in the varieties potato/goose, potato/horse,

    Potato/cheese, salmon, ostrich and rabbit

    available from Mr.Wilson's Dog Bakery.

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